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Newsletter: The Williams Weekly Wrap-Up December 10

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I'm proud to announce that our office passed two bills this week alone. It's an honor to advocate for CNY families in Congress, and I'm going to keep doing so in every way I can. We're going to keep moving the needle on important policy objectives and faithfully perform the People's business, as is our duty.

Newsletter: The Williams Weekly Wrap-Up November 11th

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Before I give a snapshot of what I've been working on this week, I want to take a moment to thank every one of the 40,000+ veterans in our district for their service to our country. You are the best we have to offer, and your selfless dedication to keeping our nation free and prosperous is deeply appreciated.

Newsletter: The Williams Weekly Wrap-Up October 27th

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Now that a Speaker has (finally) been elected, the House of Representatives is able to get back to the People's business. Right now, it is critical that Congress roll up its sleeves and go about the important work of funding our government, standing up for our allies abroad, and addressing the ongoing migration crisis.